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Gastronomy Tours:
We would like to invite you to try the unique Cretan shades of Gastronomy and dive into a journey of senses. See, smell, taste the eternal secrets of Cretan Diet from the classic traditional Greek Mousaka to the exotic Mediterranean cuttlefish in wine sauce. We will suggest you the most interesting places because every village and every spot has something different and extraordinary to offer. The treasures of gastronomy are here for you to discover! You can combine as many visiting points as you wish! Share with us your wishes and inspiration to help you form the most amazing journey!
Schedule: Wednesday, Saturday

Language: ENG, FR, DE, RUS

Degree of difficulty: Easy

Walking part: little in the village

Do not forget to bring:comfortable shoes and comfort clothes for dancing

You have to taste a culture to understand it!

Crete is a rich tapestry of splendid beaches, ancient treasures, and landscapes encompassing vibrant cities and dreamy villages, where locals share their traditions, wonderful cuisine and generous spirit. Cretan cuisine combines seasonal ingredients and balanced flavors which reflect the bounty of Crete’s sun-blessed fertile land. Across the island, regional variations create a diverse gastronomy trail. Food and wine are an integral aspect of life in Crete. A cuisine of a place is often one of its most revealing treasures. Whether you are a passionate foodie or a traveler going after unique experiences, this gastronomy tour will tease your senses! Whichever Cretan city or village you may visit, let us guide you around the healthier cuisine in the world. We will recommend you the best local taverns and seaside restaurants where you will taste some of the most remarkable traditional Cretan dishes. Cooking lovers will enjoy participating in a friendly cooking lesson. You will cook local recipes and prepare delicious dishes, using fresh ingredients in a relaxed and experiential way. Time will finally come to taste all those Cretan goodies you’ve made, paired with lots of wine! Food is a portal into culture. We invite you to taste, cook, learn, feel and travel around Crete, the foodies’ paradise!

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