RENT A BOAT Aqua Mar 620m
Villa Listaros


Compass 168cc
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Group up to 7 people from


Category: Private tour.

Included in the price:
  • Sun tent, Pillows, Ice Fridge, Radio, MP3, Mobile GPS Tracker, Maps, Ladder,Closed deck with double bed, Compass.
  • Specialized crew will provide you with all the necessary knowledge about how to ride by yourself and how to explore the main aera.
  • Private transfer service with an a/c vehicle.
  • Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel or any other place.
  • Swimming equipment: masks, pipes, fins, fishing tackle.
  • Fuel on the Boat: + from 5 -15 € (depens people on the boat).
  • English.
    FROM 1 To 8 hours.
    Car (1-4 people) or Minibus (1-8 people).
    • Upon cancellation of the tour for more than a day - 75% refund.
    • No refunds in case of cancellation less than 24 hours.

    The vessel has a protocol for 7 people

    Engine - Mercury 100 hp

    Auxiliary engine - YAMAHA 5 hp

    Boat’s features :

    Length - 4,54 meters

    Width - 1,95 meters

    Weight - 350 kg

    Quick stop

    Tent: Pillows treble bow (lux)

    Fuel tank - 50lt

  • ANYONE CAN BE A CAPTAIN since there is no obligation to be license holder in order to drive the boat.

  • Our fleet is fully insured, licensed and equipped with all the necessery.

  • You can book our boats with confidence , knowing that you are in safe hands.
  • Pick-up from your hotel or any other place.

  • Instructor will introduce the rules of boat control.

  • Drop-off at your hotel.

    Share you thoughts with us and we can offer a tailor-made tour just for you!

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